Creating Sustainable Practice with Box-it Humberside

As we all become more aware of the significance of our impact on the global environment it is important to think about ways in which you can apply sustainable practice to the way in which we live our lives on a daily basis. For business owners there are a number of things that can be done to help change the culture of a business to become environmentally aware and responsible for the impact its actions have on the world.

Create a Culture of Shredding Paper Waste – One easy way that you can achieve sustainable practice in the workplace is to create a culture where all paper waste that can be disposed of, is immediately placed in a bin designed for shredding. Paper waste in the workplace can take many forms, from handwritten notes to marketing literature that is past its date, old invoices, receipts and other official business documents that are no longer needed. If every single person that works for your company gets into the habit of placing paper waste into a shredding basket on a daily basis, you’ll soon see the difference in your carbon footprint as a company.

Recycle Wherever Possible – It isn’t just about recycling paper waste, there are countless other ways in which you can recycle and be environmentally aware as a business leader. Provide recycling initiatives in the workplace, with clear opportunities to place all waste in relevant recycling bins. Aside from recycling, why not think about encouraging car share schemes to work, remote and flexible working and cycle-to-work initiatives. All of these things can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as a company, whilst boosting the morale of your employees.

Maximise Efficiencies and Processes in the Workplace – Think about ways in which you can smooth the working processes to assist your employees in their tasks whilst also cutting energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. To be more efficient it might be best to store your old physical documents off-site, utilising that space for other purposes or at least not using energy on it.

Here at Box-it Humberside we are great believers in lowering our own carbon footprint, and by doing so we hope to inspire our customers to do the same. All of the paper waste that we create is recycled, as is all documents that we securely destroy on your behalf. All paper waste collected is first shredded securely, and then recycled in to new paper-based products for re-use. Box-it Humberside is also accredited with ISO:14001, Environmental Management Standards and we continue to operate at high and consistent standards.

To find out more about our confidential shredding service and how we can help your business create a culture of sustainable practice, speak to our friendly customer service team on 01482 667116 and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific shredding requirements, as well as any document storage solutions you may need. We look forward to helping your business continue to grow.

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