The Importance of Shredding Documents for a Small Business

Every small business is worried about the pressures of growing. There are many difference facets to the strains of company growth, but one thing that we can’t ignore is the ability for paper waste to be created on a daily basis, no matter the industry your business is in. For a small, growing business your staff will be using pads of paper to write notes on, there will be the creation of work processes, project discussion, invoices, marketing brochures, wage slips, financial statements and files for employees, customers and suppliers. All of these things are added to the piles of paper you receive through the post in the form of bills, junk mail and other assorted mail.

At Box-it we understand that there are a few reasons why you might wish to dispose of your paper waste in a different way than just letting it go in with the regular waste and sent to the landfill. That’s why we offer a secure and regular paper shredding service. We’ll come to your premises and collect your paper waste, in a secure box, and take it to our location close by. There we will destroy your paper waste, under the eyes of CCTV, within 24 hours of collection. The paper is shredded and then sent to be recycled. We provide all of our shredding clients with a certificate of destruction to prove that we have disposed of their paper waste in a timely and private fashion.

What could be the reasons that a small business wishes to use our paper shredding service?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Most small businesses will strive to reduce their carbon footprint over time, building a culture of environmental awareness for all employees, and to inspire clients and suppliers to act in the same way. Our shredding service helps you to embed this culture in an easy and practical way. If you only use paper as a last resort and begin to digitise your physical business documents this can add to your ‘green’ credentials.

Comply with Data Privacy Regulations – The first reason you might wish to dispose of your small business paper waste through our secure shredding service is that it will help you to comply with data protection law. There is a shake up coming to these regulations with the EU GDPR in May 2018, and it is more important than ever to comply as a result. We’ll get rid of any information you hold on clients, suppliers and ex-employees that you are legally no longer allowed to keep, and do so in a way that adheres to privacy laws.

Box-it Humberside offers a scheduled collection service for customers throughout East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire on a daily basis. This allows you to change the culture of your company to encourage the shredding of paper waste. To find out more information about this service please contact our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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