Re-Evaluating Paper Waste Policies to Ward off Potential ID Theft

At Box-it Humberside we offer our clients a high quality confidential shredding service, allowing them to dispose of their paper waste on a regular basis. Our collection team picks up from client locations on a regular basis, utilising either locked paper waste cabinets, shredding sacks or boxes of waste paper (depending on the type of shredding consumables the client uses) and shred paper waste at a secure location.

There are a number of reasons why you might wish to employ the services of a professional, off-site confidential shredding service for businesses. Box-it understands that our clients have various reasons for working alongside us, but within any business it makes sense to regularly re-evaluate the processes you have in place to deal with business paper waste, with ID fraud and theft of documents one of the main reasons.

ID Fraud and Data Protection Regulations – There are data protection laws in place already that dictate to businesses the way that they should handle information that may be deemed personal or sensitive. This information can be in the form of employee records stating personal information, client financial records and even data relating to suppliers. With the new GDPR coming into force from May 2018 it is more important than ever that business owners get a handle on the paper waste protocols in place within their companies.

Permissions and Access – There are a number of ways that ID fraud can take place, and it can be down to who has access to documents within your work premises. Have a think about your current policies and whether certain documents that are deemed paper waste, can be picked up after they have been ‘thrown away’? Hiring the services of a confidential shredding company, collecting locked paper waste bins and cabinets helps to ease stress and worries that sensitive information might be picked up and used for ID fraud, even if it has been thrown in the bin.

Shred All Policy – With all of this information in mind it has become policy for many businesses owners to implement a shred all approach to paper waste. It can be difficult sometimes to understand what should be thrown away exactly in an office environment, but with a shred all policy you are covered to all eventualities with sticky post-it notes, old notepads, envelopes and other mail and data no longer needed put to the shredder.

If you would like to find out more about our confidential shredding service for businesses, please contact the Box-it Humberside team today. Our team of experts will happily discuss your specific requirements, the amount of paper waste you expect us to collect and how you would like it to be collected. We can provide shredding sacks or locked paper waste cabinets with restricted access, or we can leave the daily collection up to you and pick up the designated paper waste on a set regular day and time.

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