Secure Shredding Services from Box-it Humberside

If you are starting a new business you might not realise how much paper waste there actually is in the running of an office. Not only that, but there could be sensitive personal and financial information on that paper relating to products and services you offer, your employees, suppliers and even clients. You should look to partner with a secure shredding service to properly dispose of your paper waste to help you avoid disputes relating to data privacy laws, and to become a greener organisation.

One of the major benefits of using an off-site shredding service such as ours is that your employees don’t have to go through the training on how to correctly use the shredding machine in situ, or will you as a company have to pay for a machine.

By providing a clear shredding box for paper waste to be collected throughout the working week you are promoting a culture in your company of recycling. We will ensure that your paper waste is recycled, and not just taken to the local landfill site. With every pick-up of paper waste we’ll delicately and securely move the paper waste and shred it at our safe location, providing you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.

If you’d like to find out more about the shredding services delivered by Box-it Humberside, contact our team today and we’ll arrange to pick up and shred your paper waste at regular intervals that suit you.

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