Storing Your Business Documentation Off Site

Every business has a vast quantity of business documents that accumulate over time. Some of this documentation is important enough to keep, but you might not necessarily need it at your premises. In these instances it is beneficial to use the services of a secure storage solution close to your location.

Long-Term Storage Solutions – Working with a document storage company that you trust is vital for those paper documents that have to be stored away for a long time. Having a trustworthy solution to your storage problems close by can help you streamline your company’s activities.

Track and Trace Key Documentation – Our service allows you to request a document to be sent ASAP to your business. Whilst waiting for the original document to be physically sent across we can scan and send a digital copy for your immediate use.

Keep Originals Safe – Some document are more important than others and to ensure they are safe from suffering accidental damage, from being stolen or viewed by those who do not have permission to do so, having a secure storage facility for your original documents is a huge benefit.

Data Privacy Compliance – In terms of data privacy laws there comes a time where information you have stored that relate to customers and employees has to be destroyed. We can provide time stamps to all documents you store with us, giving you warning when it is time for them to be safely disposed of in compliance with data privacy law.

Keeping your business documents safe and secure is what we’re all about at Box-it Humberside. Contact our customer service team today to arrange a consultation and we can provide you with a trustworthy long-term storage solution for your business documentation.

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