Saving Time and Money with Document Management

Your company likely already has some kind of document storage system in place, but you might not be aware of how time and money could save you with an external document management system, keeping on top of all of your cataloguing for you. There are several benefits that come with a well-thought-out document management system. […]

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Advantages of Using a Document Management System

An organised workplace is a productive workplace, and having a document management system in place to keep all of your important files together is vital to running a business. Document management keeps your employees’ work environment positive, and allows them to complete the tasks they’re given with minimum setbacks. When a document gets misplaced, a […]

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New Users and Document Management Systems

Every company has a file room somewhere that’s taking up space, and no matter if your company is big or small, you likely need all the room you can get. If your file cabinets and company paperwork is overtaking spare rooms and surfaces, it might be time to invest in a document management system. If […]

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Choosing A Document Management Company

If you or your business are looking for a reliable document management service to assist with the day to day management of your electronic and hardcopy files, you need first decide on the features that you’re looking for. Each document management company is different, and they offer various services, some that might come at an […]

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Re-Evaluating Paper Waste Policies to Ward off Potential ID Theft

At Box-it Humberside we offer our clients a high quality confidential shredding service, allowing them to dispose of their paper waste on a regular basis. Our collection team picks up from client locations on a regular basis, utilising either locked paper waste cabinets, shredding sacks or boxes of waste paper (depending on the type of […]

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Creating Sustainable Practice with Box-it Humberside

As we all become more aware of the significance of our impact on the global environment it is important to think about ways in which you can apply sustainable practice to the way in which we live our lives on a daily basis. For business owners there are a number of things that can be […]

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Understanding the Importance of Streamlining Paper Waste in a Business Setting

The accumulation of paper is a problem for all businesses, no matter what type of industry it is working within. If a business owner does not have a plan of action in place to deal with the build up of business documents and paper waste, it can start to have a detrimental effect on the […]

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The Importance of Shredding Documents for a Small Business

Every small business is worried about the pressures of growing. There are many difference facets to the strains of company growth, but one thing that we can’t ignore is the ability for paper waste to be created on a daily basis, no matter the industry your business is in. For a small, growing business your […]

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The Benefits of Scanning and Archiving your Business Documents

No matter what industry or sector you are in, as a business owner you are constantly looking for ways to streamline your business in order to maximise profits. One way in which you can do that without it affecting your staff numbers or the levels of productivity and standards is to scan and archive your […]

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Storing Your Business Documentation Off Site

Every business has a vast quantity of business documents that accumulate over time. Some of this documentation is important enough to keep, but you might not necessarily need it at your premises. In these instances it is beneficial to use the services of a secure storage solution close to your location. Long-Term Storage Solutions – […]

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Document Management

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